Artonomy Adult

Art Therapy for Adults

The privilege of a lifetime is to become who you really are

CG Jung

Artonomy Adult Therapy

We all hope to feel we are living life true to who we really are, but many of us are suffering. Feeling as if we trudge through the days, going through the motions, enduring and not fully living, we are disconnected from the energy that we once took for granted. We suffer because we experience life in its broad and varied spectrum and don’t always have a safe space to explore and understand these experiences.

Whether in grief, addiction, chronic pain and illness, or mental health difficulties of any kinds, we all need to feel heard, supported and validated at the most difficult times in our lives. Psychotherapy can provide this space. Art therapy allows another avenue for self-expression which words cannot reach. The symbolic and intuitive language we can all access, goes beyond linguistic and cultural boundaries and allows for a truly authentic and meaningful connection in the therapeutic relationship. Self-exploration through art therapy can allow an expressive space to reflect on the things holding us back from truly living. Artonomy therapists can work with clients individually, in couples or in a group setting. 

If you would like to explore art therapy, an initial session can be arranged and holds no obligation for further therapy. Please contact us to find out more or read our FAQ section here.

Did you know?

Art therapists work with people of all ages and abilities. Starting the process requires no creative or art-making skills whatsoever.
Art therapy can enhance self-regulation in individuals of all ages who are experiencing distress or reactions from psychological trauma.

If you would like to try art therapy you need no experience, understanding or skill in art. Everyone is a beginner!