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As well as working with clients of all ages through private practice, our therapists are developing innovative therapeutic interventions with people in healthcare and education settings and support services.


Arklow Cancer Support


 Art therapy has recently been added as a resource to the counselling and therapeutic services offered by Arklow Cancer Support, through Artonomy therapist and co-founder Anna Mulvihill.

Arklow Cancer Support was founded by local mum of three Mary O’Brien. Mary’s daughter Orla saw the need to bring cancer supports to the Arklow community through her own experience after her diagnosis. This torch was carried on by her mum when Orla sadly passed away. A strong inspiration can allow an individual to accomplish great things, and today Mary and her team offer a beautiful space in the heart of Arklow from which to offer a huge range of information, practical help, and emotional support free of charge to those affected by a cancer diagnosis.

When an individual or family are struggling with the life-altering news of diagnosis, the pain of a bereavement, or managing with treatment, a safe space to process these events with trained professionals can make all the difference. Anna feels it is a privilege to be joining this team and will be available for referrals for people of all ages who would like to process their difficult experiences in a creative way.

Arklow Cancer Support offers counselling, play therapy and now art therapy, as emotional supports to the people of Arklow. You can read more about their services or volunteer your service at

art Therapy
Art Therapy

HOPE - Suicide Prevention

Suicide Prevention Drop in Centre, Tallaght

Artonomy therapist, co-founder and director, Anna Mulvihill,  piloted an art therapy group at the HOPE Centre for Suicide Prevention and Support, for children bereaved through suicide. She has written about initiating the art therapy service through this vital community support organisation. Read more about this on our blog page.

More projects to come..

Currently our therapists work in outreach programmes in schools, foster care, and through other government and voluntary agencies.

Therapy for children

If you would like to try art therapy you need no experience, understanding or skill in art. Everyone is a beginner!