Professional Practitioners at Artonomy

All of our Practitioners are qualified in their own specialist area of work. There are many options open to you, such as Creative Arts Psychotherapists, non-arts based Psychotherapists and behavioural Psychologists. At Artonomy we understand that no one type of healing suits all and so we believe it is important to offer various options for the best collaborations between client and practitioner.

All of our practitioners are accredited with their professional organisations and fully trained and insured in their work.

Our practitioners provide therapy in the centre, in outreach organisations, out in nature and online.

Louise Gartland Art Therapist

Louise Gartland | Art Psychotherapist | Artonomy Director and Co Founder

Online Therapy session available through the Covid 19 crisis and beyond.

Louise is an Art Psychotherapist and the Clinical Director at Artonomy. She works with adults and adolescents dealing with a variety of issues, some of which include anxiety, depression, addiction, self-harm, suicide and sexual trauma. She has worked in many settings including educational, clinical, foster care, residential treatment, forensic and international voluntary organisations. Louise believes in peoples innate wisdom and hopes to help them explore this in therapy so that they may grow to listen to and trust in their own voices, thus gaining personal autonomy in their lives. She provides sessions in the Artonomy Rooms and out in Nature. 

Specialist eating disorder service: Louise is an Eating Freely licensed practitioner. She is trained to deliver a twelve week programme to help her clients deal with emotional eating issues (bulimia and binge eating). To find out more about the programme please visit or contact Louise directly:

BA (Hons.), MSc., Cert. C.A.T Supervision, MIACAT, MNIGAT, MEEAI. Louise is Vice Chair of the Irish Assoc. of Creative Arts Therapists

Anna Mulvihill Art Therapist

Anna Mulvihill | Art Psychotherapist | Artonomy Director and Co Founder

Anna is an Art Psychotherapist and Director at Artonomy. Her practice focuses on women and children’s therapy, including the areas of childhood bereavement and separation, adjustment, and maternal and infant mental health. She has gained extensive training and experience establishing hospital, community and educational based services, and through her private practice. Anna believes in a gentle therapeutic approach without judgement or expectation.


Debbie Nic Gabhann

Debbie Nic Gabhann | Adolescent Psychotherapeutic Counsellor

Online Therapy session available through the Covid 19 crisis.

Debbie works through the arts as an Adolescent Psychotherapeutic Counsellor. She has more than 20 years experience of working with young people in both educational and therapeutic settings. As a result of her specialised training in the Institute for the Arts in Therapy & Education (IATE, London), her therapeutic approach is integrative and creative. She incorporates different art forms in her work, providing a therapeutic space for teenagers to reflect on their lives, and make sense of their feelings and behaviours, to discover who they are, and who they want to be, so they can move forward and hopefully thrive in adulthood .

B.Ed, P.Grad, Cert, Dip, MBACP


Káska Kopczyńska

Kaśka Kopczyńska | Psychotherapist

Online Therapy session available through the Covid 19 crisis and beyond.

Kaśka is a bilingual psychotherapist (Polish and English). She offers low-cost psychotherapy sessions, both long and short term to address a variety of issues affecting clients. Kaśka’s main areas of interest include anger and aggression, developmental trauma, bullying, depression, women’s health and relationship issues. She offers a non-judgmental, caring approach with the focus on clients’ needs. In the therapeutic space Kaśka encourages clients to explore challenging and difficult patterns of thoughts, beliefs, behaviours and emotions, and supports clients to understand themselves better, facilitating a more satisfactory way of living.

If you are interested in availing of low cost therapy sessions please contact Káska directly –  

MA Psychotherapy, MSc Resocialisation (Social Work), HDip Counselling and Psychotherapy, Solution Focused Brief Therapy (SFBT), IAHIP Certified Associate.

Trish Howard Psychotherapist

Trish Howard | Psychotherapist

Online Therapy session available through the Covid 19 crisis and beyond.

Trish is an integrative psychotherapist and counsellor.  She focusses primarily on the therapeutic relationship as the basis for exploration and change. She also explores the social and political context in which we live and how it prevents or facilitates growth. Particular clinical interests include supporting parents experiencing emotional difficulties after the arrival of a child, as well as working with the particular challenges (and joys) that parenting twins, triplets  and higher order multiples present. Her pronouns are she/her.


Marton Doyle

Martina Doyle | Integrative Humanistic Psychotherapist

Martina is an Integrative and Humanistic Psychotherapist. She works with adults dealing with a range of issues such as anxiety, grief, trauma, relationship issues etc. Her integrative approach allows her to adjust to the therapeutic style that best suits the needs of each individual client. She believes in the power of the therapeutic relationship and its importance in creating a safe space to allow each client to reach their full potential.

Diploma in Integrative Clinical Psychotherapy (UCC & TPTI). IAHIP (Pre-Accredited Member)

Fee charged on a sliding scale. Low Cost therapy available. Contact: or 0851537411

Emma Lindsay

Emma Lindsay | Completion Process Practitioner

Emma works with an innovative process to heal the route of trauma. The Completion Process, developed by Teal Swan, allows for a deep-dive into the route of problems to bring presence to any unmet needs and resolve traumatic patterns. Emma has facilitated this process for clients across the world, and most recently has supported retreats in the Philia center in Costa Rica. Emma enjoys supporting people to bring consciousness to wounds from the past in order to bring healing to the present. Following her studies in the social sciences and many years of training and experience with alternative healing modalities and yoga, Emma is delighted to facilitate Completion Process sessions in Dublin. 

BSoc Sci, MSc Applied Social Research, Completion Process Certified Practitioner, Registered Yoga Teacher

Maggie Dagge

Maggie Dagge | DvT Dramatherapist for Adults & Children

Online Therapy session available through the Covid 19 crisis.

Maggie is a registered dramatherapist using DvT trauma informed psychotherapy. This creative therapy approach invites a client to get in touch with feelings and behaviour using both body and mind. In a DvT session the therapist will both verbally and physically interact with the client in a sensitive and respectful manner. This enables the client to realise their anxieties within their own body. This body awareness develops cognitive skills and helps the client to identify why and how these anxieties occur. Maggie works across all developmental stages: children, adolescents, adults and the elderly and works across a number of areas including: gangland violence, suicide, neglect, sexual abuse, and ASD. 

Maggie is currently training as a child and adolescent psychoanalytic psychotherapists in Trinity College Dublin.                                     Dip. Youth & Community work, Hdip Drama, MA Dramatherapy – MIACAT, MCREATE. Maggie is treasurer of The Irish Assoc. of Creative Arts Therapists & Co-ordinator of DvT Ireland 

Expresssive arts therapist

Keshet Zur | Expressive Arts Therapy

Online Therapy session available through the Covid 19 crisis.

Keshet is an Expressive Arts Therapist. In Expressive Arts Therapy (EXA) clients are supported through engagement with various creative art processes such as visual arts, creative writing and movement. Both life and art require improvisational skills, resilience and the necessary hands on experience of shaping from materials available. When working with creative processes, we gain insight previously unreachable which supports us with life challenges; psychological, emotional, behavioural, trauma, relationships or transitions. Keshet works with both adults and children. Her experience includes working with adults on the autism spectrum and children with life threatening illness. Keshet’s practice is trauma informed and person centred.

*EXA is not technique oriented; previous art making experience is not necessary. Sessions are tailored to the needs of the participant. Sessions follow an arc consisting of an opening conversation, progressing into the art making process, closing with reflection. 

BA (Hons), MA Expressive Arts Therapy. Co-director and founder of Expressive Arts Ireland. 

Mary O'Neill | Art Psychotherapist

Mary brings a body-based approach to Art Psychotherapy, based on over 20 years study and experience of Process Oriented Psychology/Process Work as developed by Arnold Mindell and colleagues (; 10 years as a shiatsu practitioner (Shiatsu means thumb-pressure in Japanese and follows the same body map as acupuncture); over 40 years practice of Aikido, a pacifist martial art; familiarity with Zazen (sitting meditation), basic acquaintance with mindfulness meditation, and Inner Work as an element of Process Work. Mary completed the MA in Art Therapy at CIT CCAD in 2014. She retired from 15 years teaching in Further Ed in 2016, including adults with learning disabilities.

BA (NUI), MA Art Therapy, Accredited Member of IACAT, 3 year Training Programme in Process Oriented Psychotherapy completed with merit (1999).



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