The Nesting Room

Maternity Support

The Nesting Room holds maternity support groups facilitated by art psychotherapists and mums, Louise and Anna. We each have three children and through our own experiences in our pregnancies, we know some of the difficulties the road to motherhood presents. We both feel passionately about maternal mental health and want to provide a space for women to connect with each other and themselves, to gain support, strength and friendship. Though creative activities will be offered, it can be enough for some women to be with others in a safe and confidential space. Creative experience is in no way necessary to attend these groups.

Prenatal Support Group

Pregnancy can be a time of great joy, but can also feel overwhelming and isolating. At a time which is so pivotal to each woman’s mental health, it is often underestimated how important finding time for self-care and self-expression can be. In anticipation of the challenges of birth and motherhood, it is crucial for every woman to trust her own wisdom and find her own voice. Expectations of pregnant women and mothers can often be unrealistic, so knowing our strengths and establishing our boundaries is essential. The prenatal group offers a space to enjoy creativity and reflect on the life-changing events we are experiencing.

Gestational Diabetes Support Group

Gestational diabetes is on the rise and many women who find themselves having to deal with this during pregnancy can suffer tremendously from fear, self-blame, anxiety and lack of emotional support around a very real and stressful pregnancy related issue. Dietary restrictions and often, insulin management, can seem like huge hurdles to climb daily. However, there is a way to flourish regardless, and enjoy your pregnancy. Supported by other mums-to-be who are going through the same thing for the first time, or who have had multiple pregnancies dealing with gestational diabetes, can help immensely in understanding the condition and learning how to cope with and manage it all emotionally. Using creativity can allow the space to explore and understand our situation safely.


Postnatal Support Group

Whether or not you have attended our Nesting Room groups during your pregnancy, you may feel the need after the birth of your child, to reflect on the life altering experiences you have had. Our workshops provide a space to share with others with similar life experience and establish connections with other mums. Many challenges require processing after the birth of a child such as difficult labour, postpartum anxiety and depression, exhaustion, and the overall adjustment to motherhood, be it for the first or fifth time. Come to enjoy creative expression and to support and be supported. Babes in arms are welcome too.

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