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Our Centre

We established the Artonomy Art Psychotherapy Centre in 2018, situated in the heart of the sea side town of Dun Laoghaire, Co. Dublin. Our Centre offers the community access to therapeutic services, support groups and creative workshops. For those not living close by we provide online therapy services for children, adolescents and adults. Artonomy aims to foster the use of creativity for wellbeing in the local and wider community.

We have a range of therapy services available to you

Art therapy is accessible to all ages and abilities and no previous art experience is necessary. There is also a range of therapeutic options (arts and non-arts based) to suit everyone. 


Artonomy Youth therapy provides a safe and supportive space for children and adolescents to express difficulties with a trained therapist. We work systemically with families, schools and other interventions involved in a young person’s life, ensuring they are receiving the highest possible standards of care. 


Artonomy Adult therapy services are offered to adults who need to explore and process life experiences within a non-judgemental and confidential therapeutic relationship. Whether attending as an individual, couple or group, we can cater to your needs and ensure that you are heard.

Therapy for children

Artonomy Outreach

Community and Organisation Services.

Artonomy designs and pilots outreach projects and initiatives in the community for children, adolescents and adults so that we may reach as many clients as possible with the support of art therapy. We do this through mental health, community and educational organisations in the government and voluntary sectors. You can find some of them on our Outreach Page.

Did you know?

In 2018, the Final Report from the Joint Committee on the Future of Mental Health Care in Ireland recommended that Art Therapy “should be embedded in community mental health services. Having access to a wide variety of treatment options increases the likelihood that individuals will recover”
Art Therapy is practiced internationally, with professional associations established in Brazil, Canada, USA, Finland, Israel, Japan, the Netherlands, Romania, South Korea, New Zealand, Singapore, UK, Sweden and many other countries?
Adrian Hill coined the phrase Art Therapy in 1942. He worked with patients of tuberculosis and post-traumatic stress after the first world war. Since then art therapy has emerged as a distinct form of psychotherapy simultaneously in the USA and the UK

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