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Art Therapy for Children and Adolescents
When art-making is the focus of therapy, children can feel more control over how the session proceeds. Increasingly the art therapy literature has examples of successful work with children… where the emphasis is largely on the containing power of the art process and the calm, containing presence of the art therapist Frances Prokofiev


Art therapy is a uniquely engaging and effective intervention for children. The developing brain uses play, creativity and exploration to process and communicate information and emotions. Art therapy allows children to stay within this comfort zone of creative play when processing difficult experiences and feelings.

Whether in education, hospital, private practice or community settings, art therapy has been shown to be effective when treating a wide range of issues including loss and bereavement, anxiety, chronic illness, body image issues, brain injury, ADS, social and emotional difficulties to name a few. In a session the child is encouraged to enjoy the art making and given a safe space to reflect with a highly trained and vetted therapist. Through art therapy they can begin to learn to trust their own voices and build resilience.

Referrals can be made privately or through schools and healthcare practitioners. Please contact us for further information


Art therapist, Shirley Riley, wrote in her book, Contemporary Art Therapy for Adolescents (1999), that one of the biggest strengths of this age group is that they are at the

…most creative period of their lives…

they are active, super-charged or melancholy, passive or aggressive in the blink of an eye; they intellectualise and can think abstractly; they are highly critical of the society and often have idealistic ways to change the world. All of these traits have the potential for change, not only for the individual but, in the future, society. The challenge is to find a way into adolescent lives that fits their strengths and allows them to tap into creative solutions for their problems, particularly to alleviate the burden of depression. Depression is the antithesis of creativity.”

Art therapists aim to coax the strengths of the adolescent back into function so we can find a window into their innate developmental patterns and allow them to express their inner voices in a productive way.

Referrals can be made privately or through schools and healthcare practitioners. Please contact us for further information.

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Did you know?

Research has shown that art therapy has been used successfully to help children learn to effectively communicate, have improved concentration and develop closer relationships. It has been shown to improve moods, promote relaxation, and decrease disruptive behaviours and attitudes.
“For children who may not be able to articulate thoughts, sensations, emotions or perceptions, it is one way to convey what may be difficult to express with words. For those who have experienced abuse, it is one way to “tell without talking” when they are unable or afraid to speak about specific events or feelings.” Cathy Malchiodi

If you would like to try art therapy you need no experience, understanding or skill in art. Everyone is a beginner!