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Artonomy is an art psychotherapy service based in Dun Laoghaire, Co. Dublin. We offer a range of therapy options for all ages and abilities. We see clients in our centre, online/telephone and out in nature. We also work offsite in organisations and schools.

Therapy for children

When we are struggling, speaking about our feelings can seem like an emotional hurdle, but words are not the only tools we have for communication. Through the use of art making we can find those words that elude us

Anna & Louise, Artonomy

Some of the issues we can help with are. . .

. Bereavement & Loss 

. Anxiety

. Depression

. Pre & Postpartum Issues

. Life Adjustment

. Addiction

. Trauma & Sexual Trauma

. Self-harm & Suicide Ideation

. Relationship Issues

. Behavioural Issues

We work with a wide variety of clients. . .

. Children

. Adolescents

. Adults

. Families

. Intellectual Disabilities

. Development Disorders

. Migrant Communities

. Therapists & Trainee Therapists

. Organisations

Group and Individual sessions are available


If you would like to try art therapy you need no experience, understanding or skill in art. Everyone is a beginner.

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