About Artonomy

Every day we witness the power of art therapy opening new paths in people’s lives. We share a passion for collaboration and support for our clients and colleagues. We hope through the work of Artonomy to foster the autonomy of therapists and clients alike.

Anna and Louise

Artonomy was founded by two art psychotherapists, Louise Gartland and Anna Mulvihill. Their drive to set up an art therapy organisation was borne from the awareness that art therapy was not easily accessible in local communities and the conviction that there should never be obstacles to accessing a broad variety of mental health supports.

Louise and Anna’s approach draws on over 30 years combined experience and study, working with children, adolescents, families and adults in educational, clinical, mental health and forensic settings. They are trained to Masters level in the visual arts, art psychotherapy and creative arts therapy supervision.

The passion and belief they have for their work is infused with continual specialist training. While theory plays an important role in their training and approach to therapy, they believe that the relationship between therapist and client is the fundamental structure for successful therapy, creating a space for real change to occur.

Our Aims

Artonomy is an organisation promoting and providing effective, evidence-based psychotherapy for: individuals, groups and families, organisations, and professional support for therapists and trainees. At Artonomy we want to ensure:

Easy access to art therapy for all

The integration of art therapy as an essential part of clinical and care teams

Support for therapists through training, supervision and self-care.

We offer therapy at our centre in Dun Laoghaire and online or by phone. Our therapists work in organisations and schools in Dublin and Wicklow. One of our specialties is art therapy in nature which is called eco or environmental arts therapy. This has become a very popular choice in recent times and is a therapy option our therapists have been practicing  for 15 years. If you would like to find out more about this service please click the link below.


Art therapy for adults and children through organisations and private practice.

As a psychotherapy service, our priority is to safeguard our clients and provide them with a non-judgemental space to share, process, and grow. Our clients can use an art medium to express what words alone cannot communicate. Art therapy is unique in that it can be accessed and used effectively by adults and children of all abilities, including those who feel they have no artistic ability at all!

Artonomy Therapists work with a wide variety of client groups and in different settings including, but not limited to, education, mental health, forensic, statutory and voluntary organisations, healthcare and social services, as well as in private practice and online, making them accessible and effective for all. Our psychotherapists are qualified and trained to hold a safe, confidential setting and are insured, Garda vetted and professional members of a number of appropriate accrediting bodies (IACAT, ACAP, IAHIP, IACP etc.)

Art therapy
Art Therapy


Design and generation of social initiatives through community organisations and workplace environments
We encourage all organisations to gain an understanding of art therapy as an evidence based and effective intervention used with a wide range of populations. It is our belief that art therapy is of great advantage to any care team. We arrange presentations, workshops, and outreach services for organisations whether it be for their staff or client groups. For more information or to discuss your organisation’s art therapy needs, you can reach us here


We offer a space for professional practice, Artonomy Rooms, a centre providing therapy, continuing professional development, self-care and creative arts supervision for therapists and caring professionals

Through our organisation, we aim to empower professionals in healthcare and education settings throughout Ireland. By engaging in our training and self-care events therapists can connect, develop, and strengthen our profession together. We provide room rental, trainee placement and supervision.

Therapy for all ages

Did you know that you can do art therapy online? Let us know if you are interested in exploring this option.​

If you would like to try art therapy you need no experience, understanding or skill in art. Everyone is a beginner.